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Have you ever ever questioned how runners come to seek out their operating model? Whereas bodily attributes are the obvious indicator, new analysis out of France suggests character traits could also be concerned, too.

Human biomechanics specialists based mostly out of Volodalen SportLab in France have discovered a connection between operating model and character kind, in line with a brand new research revealed in Plos One. The analysis workforce used 80 grownup volunteers; contributors have been requested to finish three 50-metre operating checks, the place the workforce evaluated biomechanic elements equivalent to floor contact time, flight time, step frequency, leg stiffness and extra. Their personalities have been additionally assessed utilizing the well-known (although not scientifucally-backed) Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator, which grouped contributors into considered one of 4 classes: thinking-feeling, sensing-intuition, judging-perceiving and extraversion-introversion.

group of happy runnersgroup of happy runners

In evaluating the runners’ particular person types towards their MBTI findings, the workforce discovered an attention-grabbing connection: those that fell into the “sensing and instinct” class have been strongly linked to specific operating types. These leaning on the “sensing” facet displayed a extra “grounded” operating model, famous by extended floor contact time and shorter flight time, amongst different elements. Conversely, these characterised extra by “instinct” have been discovered to have a extra “dynamic and elastic” operating model, characterised by shorter floor contact time and better leg stiffness than their counterparts.

The research explains, “These outcomes counsel that runners with sensing and instinct character traits differ of their skill to make use of their decrease limb buildings as springs. Instinct runners appeared to rely extra within the stretch-shortening cycle to energetically optimize their operating model, whereas sensing runners appeared to optimize operating economic system by selling extra ahead development than vertical oscillations.”

This research actually signifies that our personalities and the way we transfer could also be deeply related and underscores the necessity for additional analysis on this space.


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Hector Antonio Guzman German

Graduado de Doctor en medicina en la universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo en el año 2004. Luego emigró a la República Federal de Alemania, dónde se ha formado en medicina interna, cardiologia, Emergenciologia, medicina de buceo y cuidados intensivos.

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